Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Five Positive Thoughts To Keep You Going

'Be Positive'...That's what we hear all the time but it is easier said than done! To strike negativity, one must embrace positivity. And that's what I've rooted for here. They say that 'change is the only constant'... As per me, that change should always be progressive. And to attain that progressive change, what we need is the positivity to sustain us.

So, here are the five positive thoughts that will keep you going no matter what.

Five Must Watch Movies of Robin Williams

Five Grammys, four Golden Globes, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, two Emmys and an Oscar - that pretty much tells us everything about the actor that Robin Williams was. A career span over five decades made him a household name but how all of us connect with him is through our childhood. He was a teacher in disguise who gave valuable life lessons through his movies. So, here's to five movies that are all-time favorite of many.

Shocking and mysterious: That's 'Gone Girl'


So, the latest buzz in the literature world is a thriller novel by an American writer Gillian Flynn. And as it has been made into a movie, the popularity of this novel has gone sky high. Okay. I'm not going to discuss about how the book is different from the movie or what all stuff they failed to include in the movie. But there's one thing that I would definitely stress on and that is, it's a must-read and must-watch.